1. Loosen straps on Posture Brace
  2. Slip loose brace over your head and into position
  3. Have a friend adjust the straps as you hold your shoulder back in good posture
  4. Once adjusted – relax and feel if the shoulder straps are helping hold your shoulders back
  5. Re-adjust if needed
  6. Now that it is adjusted, try not to undo the velcro straps everytime you put the brace on or off.
  7. Slip in and out of the brace without adjusting – it will feel awkward like taking a tight shirt on or off

The first few times getting in and out of the brace will be awkward but it gets easier as you master your own personal process for slipping the brace on.

Note: I have seen some products claim that they are easy to put on by the user. We have never found that to be the case with any posture braces that we have experimented with because the brace by nature is a tight fit. A flexible individual who can touch the middle of their back could likely adjust the brace with no assistance but we do not advertise that it can be easily put on by the user because in general, this is not the case.